How Sulphur Helps Skin

What is Sulphur?

Sulphur is a naturally occurring essential element. It’s  great at absorbing the excess oils in your skin and clearing blemishes. It’s also  perfect for cooling and calming any redness or irritation.

It acts as a mild antiseptic which helps disinfect skin, and contains both comedolytic and keratolytic properties which will help problem areas in the skin promote more effective exfoliation.

What Are The Benefits?

Sulphur helps clear existing blemishes and helps to prevent new breakouts from forming. It can also help replenish your skin cells to keep them looking younger and more radiant.

How Is It Used?

Sulphur is used in targeted treatments to alleviate and help to prevent blemishes and breakouts. This ingredient plays a vital role in absorbing excess oils and leaving your skin brighter, clearer and noticeably smoother.

Skincare products featuring sulphur as an active ingredient come in many forms, including:


+ Lotions

+ Creams

+ Powders

+ Soaps

+ Bath additives

The amount of sulphur contained in these products will vary in their effectiveness.

How Do The Ingredients Help To Treat Blemishes?

Because sulphur is a gentle ingredient, it won’t leave your skin looking and feeling dry or irritated after use. By working to remove excess oil from your skin and alleviating existing breakouts, sulphur is an effective ingredient when treating blemishes. 

Over time, sulphur  can help to reduce excess shine in the skin and help heal existing breakouts for noticeably clearer skin. This is a gradual process that will leave skin looking healthier and consistently clear. What’s more, sulphur won’t dehydrate skin or leave it more irritated. 

Sulphur is also known for helping the treatment of connective tissue, bones, teeth, hair and muscles, as well as helping aid the metabolism of fat when ingested.  Are There Any Side Effects?

Sulphur is suitable for most skin types and you should not experience side effects when using it. If irritation does occur, it may very well pass when your skin becomes accustomed to this new skincare routine.

 If you notice and unanticipated changes in your skin please consult your GP immediately.

Proactiv+ Products Containing Sulphur:

You’ll find sulphur in our deep-cleaning Skin Purifying Mask, which is designed to help clear existing blemishes and prevent new breakouts. It’s also combined with kaolin clay, a natural mineral that soaks ups surplus oil and draws out all those pore-clogging impurities.

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